Zazà Ramen

Zazà Ramen brings you the traditional Japanese dish with a contemporary twist. Zazà is a place of tradition and innovation, where ancient Japanese recipes unite with first-choice Mediterranean ingredients.

The Food

Taking after both Japan’s favourite street food and contemporary cuisine, our ramen brims with flavour and nuances. We carefully create our recipes to please our costumers’ tastebuds while keeping close attention to their overall wellbeing. Therefore, wholemeal flour, fresh vegetables and vegetarian alternatives go hand in hand with traditional ingredients such as miso, shoyu and meat-based broth. Our starters (zensai), home-made desserts and exclusive cocktails will complete your Zazà dining experience grandly.


Restaurant, sake bar, noodle bar – Zazà embodies all of these things but, more importantly, Zazà is a place of details. From the restaurant’s logo to the place’s interior design and the choice of hosting art exhibitions, Zazà is a syncretic place of past traditions and contemporary culture that stands out for its distinctive looks. Zazà’s mission is to offer all-round sensorial experiences to its customers – and to do so by the means of beauty, conviviality and professional attitude.

Zazà creator

Zazà is Dutch chef Brendan Becht’s brainchild. Born to a family of collectors of contemporary art, Brendan was brought up amidst all things beautiful. As a consequence, he developed a sharp sense of beauty and a fondness for details, which accompanied him throughout his apprentice years as chef. in London and Paris. Finally, Brendan landed in Milan. There, he worked with famous chef Gualtiero Marchesi and eventually specialised in opening Italian restaurants in Japan. Brendan opened Zazà in 2013 as the natural outcome of his personal interests and formation years. Today, Zazà is renowned as a unique place – a place where creativity and competence shape the way in which the Italian approach ramen on a daily basis.

Why Zazà ?

Zazà is a special place where Japanese tradition and Mediterranean cuisine meet and give life to uniquely refined combinations of colours and flavours. The restaurant takes its name from Lupin III’s beloved inspector Zenigata, whose name was translated as Zazà in the Italian version of the anime. Zenigata’s favourite meal is a bowl of boiling-hot ramen on the go – believe it or not, he loves ramen almost as much as we do. In celebration of both the Japanese origin and the contemporary spirit of our restaurant, we named it after Zenigata’s Italian moniker.

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