Permanent from January 2014

David Tremlett

Englishman David Tremlett is a traveling artist who has made wall drawing the defining element of his creative work.

Author of the monumental Drawing for Free Thinking, carried out on the walls of the Manton staircase at the Tate Britain, he has been creating extremely profound experimental projects for more than four decades that represent his desire to leave a tangible trace of his own thoughts.

Brendan Becht, an old friend of Tremlett and a lover and collector of art in his own right, thought of the English artist for a permanent work of art inside Zazà Ramen.

Tremlett, attracted by spaces that remain overlooked, chose three small niches on the lower level of the restaurant, and in January 2014, created three wall paintings, grinding color pigments and blending them with just a touch of wax, then spreading them on the wall in geometric shapes in ochre, orange, black, and green.

The result: three small murals of great beauty that are nonetheless unobtrusive and integrated harmoniously into the restaurant’s interior.

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