Chashu, Savoy cabbage, glazed carrots and scallion ramen   12½
Pancetta, roast pork, soft-boiled marinated egg, Savoy cabbage, glazed carrots, scallion, aromatic herbs, homemade noodles and meat broth

Chicken and roasted small sweet shishito peppers ramen   13
Free-range chicken breast and thigh, soft-boiled marinated egg, small sweet green peppers, mange tout peas, homemade noodles and meat broth

Vegetable, satsumaimo, enoki mushrooms and tofu ramen (vegetarian)   14
Fresh tofu, soft-boiled marinated egg, sweet potato, broccoli, Savoy cabbage, daikon, pak choi, young spinach, enoki mushrooms, emptying, homemade noodles and vegetable broth 

Seven meatballs and Japanese greens ramen   15
7 Beef and pork meatballs seasoned with Japanese 7 spices shichimi togarashi, soft-boiled marinated egg, mild peppery flavored oriental greens, red onion, homemade noodles and meat broth

Kani, Asian leaf vegetables and baby corn ramen with fresh ginger paste   16
Japanese crab meat and claws, soft-boiled marinated egg, baby corn, Asian leaf vegetables, julienne of leek, algae nori, homemade noodles and fish broth seasoned with fresh ginger paste

Niku soboro donburi   15
Bowl of steamed rice with Japanese meat ragout, pak choy, caramelized red onion from Tropea, soft-boiled marinated egg, kizami nori and beni shoga (pickled red ginger)