Onigiri (1 piece)  4
Triangular rice paddies wrapped in nori seaweed: filled with umeboshi and shiso; filled with tuna and mayonaise; filled with stewed meat and sweet soy sauce

Yaki-gyoza (5 pieces)   6
Japanese dumplings stuffed with pork, Savoy cabbage, onion and spring onion, garlic and ginger, lightly browned on the griddle

Edamame   5
Soy bean pods with Maldon sea salt flakes (deep-frozen)

Hiyayakko   4½
Fresh chilled tofu with grated ginger, green onion, katsuobushi and soy sauce  

Japanese potato and garden pea salad seasoned with wasabi mayonnaise   4½

Saltwort and konnyaku with toasted peanuts   5

Ichiban eggplant with dengaku (sweet miso sauce) 
and katsuobushi

Inarizushi (rice in tofu puffs) and gari (marinated ginger) (2 pieces) 6

Nagoya style caramellized tebasaki   6
(‘finger-licking’ chicken wings)

Green asparagus with a gomasio dressing (sesame)   6

Kakuni (braised pork belly) with Japanese mustard and daikon   7

Tako (octopus) salad with wakame, marinated cucumber and wasabi and yuzu dressing   7½